Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Point......

My parents are in town for a week and we wanted to go last year to see Thanksgiving Point at the Christmas season with there lights and the drive thru setting, so we figured why they were here and because it is freezing out there it would nice to look at lights and ride in the warm car. After you drive thru at the end and then up by the entry they had real rain deer.  The boys just loved it!  They couldn't believe that Santa had left behind a few rain deer for them to see (it was the funniest thing).  It is very pretty there this time of year. Maybe next year will dress a little warmer and walk around and see all the shops and what they have to offer.  

Joe took a picture of my parents and the boys in the car at Thanksgiving Point and as you can see they weren't ready for it, which is how Joe likes to take picture..

Christmas Morning...

There's nothing like Christmas morning.  A special Thanks to a few places and people for a wonderful holiday.  K-mart for there layaway program this year, my brother for helping out (Thanks again) and gifts from the grandparents I think the boys did pretty good I would say.  They got everything they would want and then some.  But, besides getting this year we also gave and helped out with a Shelter this year.  We went to the dollar store and bought the items that were needed and then gave them away.  The boys went with me and as we bought the items and after I explained to them how lucky they are and that items even though simple were needed by these people and that they would appreciate it so much.  I love this time of year to show my boys how giving, just not getting is important and that I wish the feeling was around all year round, but at least through the Holiday season they understand that its just not about them and there needs its about helping and caring about those that need it most.  Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Some Family Fun....

We went over to our local High School the other day and in the back they have this hill that is just perfect for the kids.  So for about an hour we let them go up and down and slide down the hill.  They had so much fun screaming and laughing as they went down, they thought it was the greatest thing ever.  We had a lot of fun and now thats all they talk about and want to do every day now. I have created monsters with the sledding..

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