Saturday, April 4, 2009

A New Background and a funny conversation....

I found this background when I was looking to change it and had to put this one with the monkey's.  Monkey's are Patrick's favorite animal and he just loves them on anything! So last week were talking and he all of a sudden starts telling me about this girl he likes in class (he is 8) and so I'm like ok, you like a girl and he says actually I Love Her! And I said Umm I think you like her not Love her that is a strong word, but you can like her a lot and he says he likes her because she loves monkey's just like him and that just made me laugh because its over the monkey thing that he likes her so much.  So, as I say that you can just like her he then says to me ok mom all like her for now and then when we are in High School all tell her that I Love her and I just started laughing so hard and said that sounds great, I think waiting until then is the perfect time.. He is to funny! Its great to have these conversations with your kids but then on the other hand one day High School will be here and all really have to deal with having my handsome little boy be in love with a girl..

Flying Kite's

A couple of weeks ago it was a perfect Saturday to fly a kite. The wind was blowing pretty strong but yet it was warm and just perfect...
We went to a park next to Patrick's school and got out our $1 kites and went to it.  They worked great and the kids had a lot of fun.  It was even great for Joe because this believe it or not was his first time ever flying a kite, he never did this as a kid.  When he told me that I felt sad for him and then could not believe it! I mean who doesn't fly a kite when there a kid, but 
you would have to know his back ground to understand.  He had a blast just like the kids, it was a fun time..

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