Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Family Pics..

We headed up a few weeks ago to our closest ski resort to find the fall background and take some family pictures.  Most of them turned out but most of them didn't.  And as usual I can't find 1 I'm really happy with (at least as a family). The best one of the family is the one I changed out as the header on our blog, but even that one for some reason with the lighting the background looks fake at its not, so to say the least its frustrating.. 
It was nice to go up and see all the beautiful trees that have changed and enjoy it as a family. It was a little chilly and the boys kept complaining when are we done, but as you can see they survived. Next year we will head up a little earlier or just do indoor pictures again...

Jake and his bike..

Jake can now ride his bike without training wheels.. He was so frustrated when his twin did it and he couldn't that he set out to do it.  So about a week later he was riding without training wheels and has been happily riding for a few weeks now.  Its funny because they want to ride all the time now and we also took our 1st family ride together without training wheels, it was so nice.

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