Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Days of Summer...

Last Saturday we went to Lagoon for the last weekend and our annual trip. We had gotten discount tickets from a lady in our ward that works there so we decided to take advantage of that and go. The boys had so much fun and being able to ride all the rides now makes it really fun.. Its also fun and a little weird that they can go on all the rides but also want to go on them all by themselves so Patrick and Jake (just like mom) love the Jet Star and they went on it over and over again and I think they had a little whip lash the next day because they said they were sore I think from going on the ride so much. What a fun day and can't wait until next year.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend.... Vegas!

For Labor Day weekend we decided to go to Vegas and visit my parents since we haven't been down there for 2 years since they always come up to visit us, so we thought we would go down there and have a little get away. It's crazy that it is still 105 degrees down there at this time of year but we didn't let the heat take away from us squeezing in as much as we could in 2 days.. Thanks goodness Vegas is a 24 hour town.

The 1st few pictures are of this new hotel called Aria and it also has this place next to it called the City Center both were so beautiful and the architecture of these buildings was amazing to see, something that usually hasn't been done there in Vegas. We also got to squeeze in swimming, M&M World, The Secret Garden at the Mirage were the dolphins, tigers, lions and baby tigers are, the kids loved seeing all the animals. As we were walking down the strip to get to M&M World they had different characters on the side and one of them was Iron Man and of course the boys had to say hi to him and he was really nice to pose with them and even told to stand like Iron Man if he were shooting out his hand. We had a lot of fun and as usual there is always more to see and do but I can't stay up for 24 hours.. Maybe next time. We also did a little celebration of my birthday that was in a few days but my Mom had gotten a cake and of course had to put my age on it, but its fine cause I still feel 25. I also got to spend a few hours at a spa getting a massage thanks to Joe (his birthday gift to me). What a great weekend! Can't wait to have another one.

Joe and his nephews we met for lunch while in Vegas
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