Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Soooooo Bummed!

So, I am sooooo bummed right now! I finally purchased tickets to go see Celine Dion again in Vegas (saw her when she first was in vegas in 2003). Me, Patrick and my mom were going to go. Yesterday I was on Facebook and a post from Caesars profile came up on my page and said that all her shows through March were canceled because she got a virus that attacked her right vocal cord and it was so swollen she is unable to sing. So the doctor told her she would be out for about 6-8 weeks to recover which cancels my show of when we were going to see her. In the profile it said how you purchased tickets and how to get your refund. So, I call ticketmaster to get my refund and they are like we have no notice of this and they hadn't heard of her show being canceled and do I still want to refund the tickets. I said well NO, if you have no notice yet and he said they would be the first to know... well obviously not. So, I didn't cancel the tickets just in case this was a cruel, sick joke..
Later in the day I am checking my email and there it is a notice from Caesars and ticketmaster that the show HAS been canceled and that my money will be refunded to me automatically... so to say the least I am totally bummed right now. She will start shows again in June but I am waiting to make sure she will be coming back before I purchase tickets.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet....

I know another post... these last couple of months have been busy and I haven't even posted everything as a Journal entry. Its only a couple of months in. I think this will be a big book this year when I print it..
So, last night was the Blue and Gold Banquet for the twins. The Theme was Travel the World. So they had different sections to go around the world. The first one was Italy, then Egypt, then China and then last was the Islands. You came in and they gave the boys passports with there pictures that they had taken in Den meeting and when they would travel to each one they got a stamp in there passport. It was fun, but a little bit of a wait for each section depending on how fast everyone was getting done. The boys over all had a great night and loved the different theme's. Thanks to our wonderful Cub Master and his leaders for all they do.

The gym when you first walked in.. the tent area was Egypt

The Islands

Waiting in Italy to eat

Driving a sports car in the Italy section

Chocolate covered crickets in Egypt after they passed through the maze

Eating in China

In China they had the sumo wrestlers.. Blake was only able to do this (not enough time for Jake). Hilarious though watching Blake do it and falling..

Then in the Islands they got to do some fighting.. Jake won

The balloon pit that I think represented water

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

6th grade field trip...

Yesterday Patrick, his class and 2 other 6th grade classes went on there first field trip for the year. They got the opportunity to go and see half of the Ballet at the Capital Theater and then they had lunch at the Gateway and then ended the day at the Clark Planetarium. When this note came home and they were needing volunteers I thought it would be a nice time to volunteer and spend the day with Patrick. Even though I had to also help with 8 other kids in my group it wasn't too bad and was really nice being able to see this stuff for free.. I like that the teachers thought of having the kids see a Ballet. Its nice for them to get some culture and experience the Arts. Patrick was quite interested in the Ballet and asked if we could even come back and see another one or even a play... I am not totally surprised since he is my child that is the most artistic. Some of the pictures are blurry because of the lighting in the theater for the Ballet, but I couldn't help getting a few for memories.

Patrick and his best friend Blake before the Ballet

The Theater

The Ballet

The Planetarium

Boys being silly on the moon

My group of boys I watched...

Patrick and Blake

Me and Patrick..... realized I hadn't taken a picture of us yet

Inside the dome before the show started

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love is in the Air

I started on my boys class valentine's on Friday to get them done because I wasn't going to have time after that to get these done for Tuesday. This year I saw this cute card on one of my blogs and and decided to copy them and then cut them out. Well, they are cute but man when you have to do 81 cards for all 3 boys it makes for a lot of cutting to say the least. But, after they were done they were so cute and so much better than a store bought card. And I actually got a hug from Patrick Thanking me for this cute card I did... I love getting some appreciation for the extra effort I do sometimes..
I also did a little bag up for the teachers, a little something extra for them. This is the last year for Patrick though and class valentines, so I thought it would be nice to do something a little special and it worked!

Early Valentine Dinner..

Well, because Valentine's lands on a Tuesday this year and because Joe doesn't get home early enough from work to do anything we did our night out together the Saturday before. We wanted to do a nice dinner this year since its been a while since we went anywhere really nice. I had always wanted to try the Roof Restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Building ever since I have been at the top of the building to see the view of the Temple from above. It was a really nice dinner, good food and company. The view is amazing from up there as you eat dinner. I wish we could of had a little bit better seat for both of us to see the view, but it was just nice to be out together.. and as the Hostess said to Joe he had the best view in the house, me.. some people really know how to try and make someone a little upset they arn't getting the best view and make it ok. Happy Valentine's Day to my best friend! It was a lovely evening.

The view from our seat

Science Fair...

It was that time again... Patrick had his Science project due this last week. Last year in 5th grade they just did the board and he got an honorable mention but didn't place. This year in 6th grade we stepped it up a little bit and Joe and Patrick came up with this project to try out (Electric motor or Homopolar motor is what its called). It was fun for both to see how it would work and a little bit of a pain, being that the magnet you have to use you cannot buy in any store so we had to order it online and had a little mishap with it, but it all worked out. With this project this year he had to bring and do the board, have his project with him for the judges and a log book. He did really well this year with all and ended up placing 2nd. So, to say the least we were all excited that we actually placed! I say WE, because you all know when your child does a science project its just not the child who does it... Great job Patrick we are very proud of you.

Patrick with his board and project at science fair

His 2nd place ribbon he got

Friday, February 10, 2012

Court of Honor

Patrick had his first Court of Honor Ceremony since he has been in Boy Scouts. He was involved in the flag ceremony and received one award, his Boy Scout Badge. He also has a first aid one coming and a flag one on the next meeting. It was fun to see him involved in this program, but also a little strange now having him in Boy Scouts and not in Cub Scouts... the time is flying by!

Beginning Flag Ceremony. He is in the front holding the Flag

Receiving his Award

Putting the mother's pin on me

His Award

Closing Flag Ceremony

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