Saturday, June 2, 2012

6th Grade Graduation...

Patrick graduated from 6th grade on June 1, 2012. It was exciting but yet surreal at the same time. I can't believe my first born (baby) is leaving elementary and going into Junior High. It seems like yesterday somedays that he was just starting Pre-k (4 days a week like kindergarten) when he was 4 because he had speech delay and language issues.  It was a process and it did seem like some days its been an adventure but has I reflected yesterday realizing its also gone so fast. Almost 12 years old. Where has the last 12 years gone... Its been an adventure thats for sure. We were so proud of him to be moving on. It was a nice ceremony. The Theme was "Making a Splash" hence the beach theme. They did a nice job decorating and the whole program was well done. They had officer Penrod even there to say his last words to the kids and for the Dare program that they do with the 6th graders. He also awarded some of the kids awards for the Dare Essay winners.
We had 2 out of the 5, 6th grade classes graduate yesterday and so they had each class line up on either side and walk up the stage to there teacher as she read what they wrote where they would see themselves in 20 years and then awarded there certificates. I thought it was a cute idea to hear all of the kids thoughts on what they wanted to be and were they thought they would be in 20 years. Some of them were pretty funny and some shocking of what they think they will have done with their life..
Patrick's said "In twenty years, I will be a self employed video game designer. I will live in California with my wife. In my spare time, I will draw and play the video game Minecraft." Well, I hope he does fulfill his dreams. But also hope there is a few other things in his life he does as well, even though he didn't mention them. Congrats Patrick! We love you and are so proud of you!

As the kids walked in to line up on the stage

Officer Penrod and the kids that got awards

As Patrick walked to the stage and received his certificate

I think he was a little embarrassed for what he wrote on his 20 years

Singing portion

It's over!

They each had to draw a picture of themselves.. Thought he did a great job drawing himself.

Me, Mom and Dad

My 6th grade teacher Mrs. Hyatt... Thanks for everything!

Me and my best bud, Blake..

My certificate of completion, my folder with my 20 years and picture, and they also got a certificate from Syracuse Police Dept. for completion..

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