Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Jacob and Blake!!!

Happy Birthday 
to you!!

Wow! It has been a year again! It is so crazy how fast time does go by now. So the twins had not just one day for there birthday but two... Since it landed on Friday November 9th and we couldn't really celebrate it until saturday, we did 2 days of activities. So, friday I took the twins to do the bounce slides they love and then to lunch. Then for dinner they wanted there favorite my taco's I make and salsa and chips. Then Saturday we took them to see Wreck it Ralph and then to Garcia's for dinner (yes, more mexican). My boys are just like me and love there mexican. We surprised them by having them come out and sing and bring out the dessert they get. It was so funny the look on there faces while wearing a sombrero. All in all it was 2 great days. Just wish I could remember to bring my camera with us instead of always forgetting to capture these moments..

The goofy look 1...

They requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, so I made a chocolate gnash frosting. So Yummy!

The goofy look 2...

Eating there cake with there Birthday plates they made..

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012....

So, this Halloween came up quickly... according to Blake. He said it is Halloween already man it came fast. Yes, I agree! So all month the boys never said a word about what they wanted to be or anything. Finally a week before I asked what they wanted to do. The twins decided on as an Army guy and a Scary Army guy. Jake didn't have his full costume on yet when I took these pictures. Patrick wanted to be a zombie UPS man. Kinda funny since this is what his dad feels like every night when he comes home. The last picture is of Patrick and his group of friends right before they headed out trick or treating...  After all the trick or treating was done we gathered together and Joe looked up a quick scary story from Edgar Allan Poe and we listened to it as a family. Perfect before they all had to go to bed... They were good though.. Love starting new traditions.

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