Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ohh, Buca di Beppo

After we went to the Aquarium we went to our favorite Italian Restaurant for dinner Buca di Beppo. We don't eat there very often because there down in Salt Lake and as you can see we really enjoy it.. Jake has it all over his face and the bowl we got of spagetti to feed our Family was huge but we finished it somehow.  If you ever want really authentic pasta this is it..

Our Trip to the Aquarium

             We took the boys to the Aquarium the other day and had a great time! Its so funny to see them with different animals and how they react and of course Blake didn't like very many (he's all talk and no show kinda boy).  But needless to say it was alot of fun and interesting. When we first pulled up I was not expecting it to be in a converted grocery store but it actually was put together nicely inside and had some neat things to look at..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Congrats to Patrick..

Patrick has now earned his Wolf and  1 gold Arrow Point and 2 Silver in Scouts.  Joe was so excited to be able to draw on Patrick's face, he has been waiting for this for a while now.  In July he will become a Bear.  Its amazing how fast the time flies.  It was even more special when he received this because we got to do Pack meeting in our backyard, because the city won't let us do a fire pit at the church and that was what we needed to have the Webelos pass stuff off. So I volunteered our yard and it turned out to be a really nice time. Thanks to all the other leaders and cub master that planned and put this together and to Sis. Livesey for all her hard work in doing the dutch oven cobblers that turned out perfect.

A Twin moment..

I love these moments when I find the twins together in this cute thing they do when they are together enjoying each others company.  They had been outside playing with there water toys when I looked outside and there they are drying off and just sitting with each other.  It is so sweet..

Another Memorial Weekend outing..

I have to give Thanks to Marnie for her posting this great place on her blog. There is a hiking trail on the east side of Kaysville at the bottom of the mountain that was the nicest little secret (if you don't know about it) there is. So we decided to Monday morning get up and do a little hike. We found this neat little bridge with a stream and the views from certain areas of the trail were beautiful.  The boys loved it and can't wait to head to another one..

Memorial Weekend..

Memorial weekend was a nice one with my parents in town and also 2 of my brothers, we were able to spend time together just hanging out.  But also we wanted to remember what the day is really for and we wanted to show the boys and explain to them what we should do on this special day.  I had heard on the news that there was this traveling wall that is like the real one in Washington D.C.  that was going to be in Ogden and I have always wanted to see this so we took the boys up to see it. The man there said it has all the names on it like the one in Washington but just scaled down to a smaller version. It was a great experience to see this and to see all the men and woman that have served and died for our country. What a blessing it is have people that are willing to do this, they are True Hero's.

Patrick and his Talent..

Patrick has about a million legos and out of that with no instructions put together this Spongebob man with his grill and a spatula in hand the way he is in the cartoon.  He amazes me with his ability to create and build things, it is truly a talent..
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