Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day - Syracuse Kid Mile run..

This Memorial Day the boys ran a kid mile in the Syracuse Marathon. We have been bitten by the running bug lately and after Joe did his run the boys wanted to do one. So, hearing that Syracuse does a marathon every year (just found this out) we decided to enter them in there kids mile run. They hold it at Jensen Nature Park, just a few blocks from our house. They have ran a mile before so we thought this was a good one to do without killing them. Just for running they got a t-shirt, a medal, a rope licorice and fruit and drink. They were so excited for it and I'm glad because we were up by 6:30 am and at the park by 7:15 am to run the race by 7:30 am. 
They all lined up when ready to go and Blake bolted like the wind. Well right off the bat I knew he would die out from doing that and sure enough he did. But, he did still do there regular time of 10 minutes so I'm glad they didn't do worse than what they have done at home. Blake did come in 1st out of his brothers. Then Patrick and then Jacob. It was quick but also exciting and they are looking forward to the next one...
Great job boys!!

Waiting to run the race..

The starting line

Off they go

Here they come

Blake coming in 1st and passing another kid

Patrick was so close I missed a front view

Patrick trying to beat the others beside him

Here's Jacob...

So Happy its over, and all 3 with there medals they earned

Loving the watermelon they got afterwards

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Ogden 1/2 Marathon...

Saturday May 19, 2012 Joe ran his first ever 1/2 (13.1) mile marathon. It was the big Ogden Marathon that about 2,000 to 3,000 people run. It started up in a little town called Eden and ran past Pine View Reservoir, down the canyon to finish in downtown Ogden on 25th street and Grant. It is crazy thinking how far this is because it seems so much farther than 13 miles, but nope it is. Joe has been really training for the last 8 months to run this and I am very proud of him for doing it and finishing in the time he did. He ran it in 2 hours and 21 minutes. Which I think is pretty good for someone who has never ran competitively before. He was so excited to run it and was so excited when he saw us as he came towards the finish line. He looked like it hadn't fazed him at all running all that  way but at the finish he disclosed how much he was hurting. Later that day and the next he could barely move and was so sore. His toes next to his big toes were black and blue on both feet. So, even after all that and a couple days to recoup he is ready to run again. 
Congratulations again Joe on a great run! It is such an accomplishment and we are so proud of you!

While we were waiting for Joe, this guy ran past us... had to get a picture

The boys waiting patiently for Dad to come running by

Here he comes..

Just noticed us..

Seems great right! But was hurting really bad

Giving high fives to the boys as he went by

Finish line.. picked up his medal and snacks

So happy to be done..

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

So, on Mother's Day I attempted to get a nice picture of the boys because they looked so nice for church, but for some reason it was not happening today.... usually they are so good for me but not today. 
We had a nice day at church. Came home and right away the boys wanted me to open there gifts. They had each bought a gift and then had there school gift. Patrick got me my favorite candy and then from school wrote me the cutest note along with a shoe they put together. Blake got me some new slippers and then made me his hand print with the sweetest poem. Jacob got me a new bottle of lotion and from school made some bath salts and wrote out the card ( gotta love his teacher). Joe got me some really nice flowers, a new church bag and always our tradition a magazine. After all of this it was time to relax. As I relaxed I ended up falling a sleep and had a really nice nap. Being out of town the day before. Joe did all the shopping for dinner as well and surprised me with steak. YUM! He went to a meat shop here in town and got me my favorite Filet Mignon. So, while I was a sleep the boys cooked up the whole meal, set the table and had everything ready to go when I woke up. It was so nice to have everything done and just sit down to eat. Gotta love being the only lady..... I am truly spoiled.. Love all my guys and Thank you for a wonderful day! 

The best picture out of the 3

My beautiful flowers

Jake's bath salts and card

 Blake and Patrick's wonderful letters

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Congratulations Tom!!

On May 12, 2012 I flew down to Las Vegas for the day for my brother Thomas's graduation from UNLV. It was exciting to see him be able to walk the stage and graduate with a degree after such a long process it has been. The ceremony was long but nice. They had to split it into 2 sessions because there was 3000 people graduating that day. I wish I could of stayed longer and really talked with my brother and sister-in-law. We had a nice dinner afterwards at the Restaurant Bahama Breeze, but I had to hurry and eat and get to the airport. They both have been through so much the last 5 years and this was just a great thing in their life and something to really celebrate. I wish them all the best for the future and again Congrats Tom for your recent accomplishment!

My nieces as they watched the ceremony and their dad walk out

Here Tom comes.. he got his degree in Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Science Studies

Tom walking out and as they got to their seat they had to turn and face the crowd

When he finally found us yelling and waving for him

When everyone had come in and then as they were seated

Tom walking the stage

Shaking the Deans hand (I think)

Walking off the stage

My cute niece Sage! She is so funny and was being a great model for me as I was trying to find a setting on my camera..

Brinley, Chase and Tara (sister-in-law). We both ended up taking pictures of each other..

The little firework (sort of) display at the end for the graduates

The kids running to hug dad (Tom) when we found him, after it was over

Tom and his family

Tom, family, with mom and dad

Me and Tom

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Joe!!!!

On May 7th, Joe turned "42". I can't believe it... time just goes by. This birthday was a special one because he hasn't celebrated with his family since we lived back there in 1997. So, after seeing the movie The Avengers with his nephews, nieces and brother-in-law we went over to his sister Colleen's house and had dinner with all the family and then some yummy cake that Colleen had gotten. She had them put on the only thing they had to go along with the Avengers, Captain America... It was a fun day of visiting and eating. Thanks everyone for being there. Joe had a great birthday!

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