Monday, December 28, 2009

Zoo Lights at the Zoo..2009

Well, we went down to Salt Lake to look at some lights after Christmas and really wanted to go to Heritage Park but they closed the 23rd. So, as we are driving through Heritage Park we notice all the lights across at the Zoo and I remembered they did the Zoo lights and the kids said lets do that. So we got there the last hour it was open and went in. It was really neat and you were able to still see some of the animals and then all the lights they had through out the Zoo was incredible it really takes a lot of time to do this. It also would have been a lot more fun had it not been 16 degrees, just a tad bit chilly. But us and my mom and my brother Tyler braved it and made we made it through with a little hot chocolate and thankful to the indoor pets so that we could defrost a little and start again..

Christmas Night and White Elephant gift..

On Christmas night my brother, his wife and there 2 kids (my cute niece and nephew) came up from Salt Lake and we had Christmas again. Thanks again guys for everything! My nephew loved his ball he got and my niece loved her stuff and being able to play with the boys. The adults this year also decided to do a white elephant gift exchange and as you can see Joe grabbed a gift opened it up and tried to pass it along because as you can see it he didn't really want the raggyann and andy dolls (but my sister in law wanted them so he was happy to give them up) he then opened another gift that was stolen away from my brother and then he ended up with this picture of himself that I blew up to poster size. I also did one of my dad that neither one knew about and so it made it really funny. Everyone got pretty much funny gifts, but all in all it was a lot of fun and hope to continue the tradition for many years..

Christmas Morning 2009..

Well Christmas morning was a hit! And from what you can tell it looked like a tornado hit the living room. But the kids had fun and that is all that matters.. They didn't get up to early (about 8:00 am) and after everything was said and done my brother who also came up from Vegas cooked us breakfast (yes amazing) but actually it was all really good. And then after breakfast you can see some of the after effects, a lot of sleeping and lounging around, but that is what I love best about Christmas Day is that there isn't anything else to do but play and sleep......

Christmas Eve.. 2009

On Christmas Eve my parents were able to come up from Las Vegas and be with us. The kids were so excited because we usually don't have family around for the Holidays so it was a special treat. The boys got to open there PJ's (our tradition) and then one other gift. We then baked cookies to set out for Santa and then sent them off to bed so we could bring down the rest and finally get to bed..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ward Christmas Party 2009..

We had our Ward Christmas party last weekend and it was so wonderful. Dinner was great and they had a choir from a local Junior High come and perform and they were just wonderful... They even got our Bishop involved it was great. They even got someone in the ward to dress up as santa and take turns with the kids, it was a lot of fun! They loved it so much and I thought Jake was going to pass out he was so excited to see Santa.. It also was great to do it there at the church cause it saves me a trip to the Mall. Overall it was a great night and was nice to visit and enjoy an evening as a Family.
Merry Christmas to all...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

It was a very nice Thanksgiving this year. We stayed home and didn't have any family this year, so we hung out as a family. I cooked a full dinner and this is a picture of a pumpkin cake I made that was sooo good! So much better than pumpkin pie (my opinion). This is also the first year I think any of our kids realized what this Holiday is for and Patrick just before we were going to eat, said we should all go around the table and say what we are Thankful for and so we did. It was so nice to hear there thoughts and what there Thankful for, because amazingly enough they are Thankful for things that matter rather than just stuff..

This year I am very Thankful for our health, that we have jobs, a roof over our heads and for family and friends that are always by our sides.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Year... Happy Birthday Boys

Another Year has come and gone and its the twins Birthday today.. Happy 6th Birthday!! It is so crazy how time has flown by with them. We for sure thought that Blake would not make it to his 5th birthday, but here we are and he's at his 6th. We didn't do a party this year just kept it low key with the family. We took them to Fat Cats on Friday and to dinner and then tonight on there birthday I had asked them what kind of cake they wanted and they said they wanted to make there own and be able to decorate it themselves. So, I bought there favorite flavor (strawberry) and we made them up and then after they were done baking and cooled we let them decorate there own cake. So as you look through the pictures you will see how they decorated there cakes and the one with a million sprinkles on it is Blakes. I think they both did a pretty good job on them for decorating for the 1st time and actually tasted pretty good.
Looking back at the beginning and how much work it was with them and now they are becoming there own little men and growing up so fast. We love you both and are so happy that you are in our lives.. You keep us all laughing.

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