Sunday, March 28, 2010

Itty Bitty Basketball....

As Spring and Summer has been approaching I wanted to look into getting the boys into to different things and so I went to our local Rec center here and picked up what will be going on. Syracuse had started a program this year called Itty Bitty basketball for those who were in kindergarten and it would show them the techniques of playing the game and then they also play a half hour game each time, so I thought it would be fun for the twins to give it a try.. It has been a lot of fun for them and they are enjoying it! It is also really funny to watch them all play this game. We have 4 more games left and I don't think they will want to quit because they bug me everyday of when they are going again, so to say the least I think they are having fun...

Spring has Sprung.... or at least its trying

I am so excited for Spring to be getting here and it does do it a little and then it teases us with nice weather and then hits the snow.. but that is how it works in Utah. Even though we are selling our house I had to set out a little display of spring and Easter just to ease the chaos of everything. So I made up this layout of words from wood letters and some scrapbook paper because I couldn't find anything I liked.. It has helped me get into the spring of things.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to School.....

We headed back to school today after a month off. We had some good down time and did a few trips around the area which made it nice, but also I am NOT ready to go back. It's just really nice not to have to get up and do the routine thing. The time just flew for me, I was so busy and just didn't get a lot of things done I wanted to, but thats life.

The last week before school started we went to the Movie tour at Tinseltown with some people from our neighborhood. The boys had a lot of fun and now understand where the movie comes from instead of always being so curious (Thanks Marnie). We then headed down to the Sweets Candy Factory and did there tour. It was nice because you got to actually walk the floor and be right down and see how the candy and machine's work and how things are made, the boys thought it was really neat. We then as a Family went to the new Boondocks. It was crowded but a lot of fun.. I highly recommend it, just not on a Saturday afternoon.
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