Friday, January 8, 2010

Goodbye 2009.. and an Ah, ha Moment..

I decided to post on my thoughts this last week of our New Year. I am so Thankful 2009 is over with, because for us and my Family it was a rough year. There were a lot of things that happened with our little family and then the 2 tragic deaths we also had. Early last year I had a Revelation about what we needed to be doing as a Family and in life in general. We then put our house on the market and tried to sell it. We came close but it fell through and then decided through the Holidays to take a break. As the year went on though in 2009 it seemed like nothing good could go right, but I know that is how we learn from our trials and our mistakes and it seemed like they were never ending last year. As the Holidays came things slowed down a bit and we were able to spend time with Family and reflect on what we have and how blessed we truly are. We have great neighbors that are so sweet in there giving and great teachers for our kids. We were also very blessed this Christmas by an anonymous person in our Ward that gave us a very nice gift. It made me really realize there are still people out there that give to others in need without even questioning or thinking how it will effect them. I just know they will be truly blessed for there kind act of service.

Now that we are coming into a New Year we will be trying to sell our home again and reflect on the many things we need to be doing. I am going to be really sad to leave this Ward and neighborhood (if we can't find something here) but we aren't moving far so I know I will be able to see a lot of the wonderful people we have gotten to know.

My ah, ha moment ( I don't know if I am spelling it right) but the other day I caught an episode of Oprah and she was talking with people that live around the World and what there life is like and how different is from the states. She talked with some people that live in Denmark (and apparently they are the happiest people on earth there) so when I heard that I called Joe and said I want to live there. I feel its been a long time since I have been truly happy. And as she went on with another couple in Denmark they showed her were they lived and she was so shocked how small these places were that they lived in and very neat and clean and not a lot of stuff and as Oprah commented about this the husband says to her "small space..less stuff..more life". I just LOVED that because that is exactly how it should be just have enough space to live in without all the stuff and enjoy and live life to its fullest. But, for us here in the US we are obsessed about the stuff and not about life and how we live it or what we should be doing that we need to do.

So, my New Year's Resolution this year is to get were I need to be and to live life and not worry about the stuff. Because in the end its not about what you had, but what you did that's more important.. I wish you all a Great and Prosperous New Year!
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