Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas 2012....

So, I am finally getting around to posting about Christmas. My parents were able to come up and share Christmas with us. We were so excited! It had been a while since we had seen them and the boys love when they come to visit. 2 days after Christmas I started to get the usual sore throat, body ache and a little congestion. Well fast forward now about 2 1/2 weeks later and had basically been laid on my back with this. I finally went to the doctor and found out I had a really bad sinus infection. Thank goodness in a way because if it was still just a cold I couldn't take much more. So, I got some antibiotic and have been so much better... Love the meds that can help get better faster. 
Christmas day this year was so fun... The boys got everything they pretty much wanted and it was a big Minecraft year. If you know what that is then you know it was exciting.. The boys also got a lagoon pass (when they open in the spring) from my parents that they were so excited about. My dad since he has retired is fishing a lot. My mom wanted to get him a new fishing pole and so I decided to make this fishing bait kit. I think it turned out so cute! And he will love it when he is fishing. My mom this year we got pretty good.  Me and Joe and my dad both got her gift cards but to make it seem like it was more we took these really big boxes and taped the gift card into another box and wrapped it in the big box. Needless to say it was pretty funny when she opened it up. I had to laugh even more because she said to me watch I bet those boxes only have gift cards in them... Yep.. GOT  YA..
We also gave my parents an array of BYU stuff that we got at the new Gordmans store here. They ended up having all there BYU and Utah stuff 50% off the clearance price the one day we went in there. So you could not beat these prices. Hats $5.00, t-shirts $3.50, nice jackets for $11.00. I got my mom a shirt and these cute slippers for $5.00. Felt like we were stealing it, it was so cheap. 
Joe had to work Christmas Eve but then was off a little earlier so we could enjoy the rest of the evening. We went around and looked at some Christmas lights. And enjoyed one house that really decorates it and then has a story of Jesus that you tune into the radio and listen to. It was such a perfect ending to the night, besides the hot chocolate...
It was a nice Holiday and loved having family around at this time. We are also so grateful for everything we have. With our health, shelter, food, work and our dear friends and ward family that help us out so much since we don't have family around. We are looking forward to this new year and hope it will also be a good one. 

Boys waiting patiently for grandma before we open gifts

Grandpa so thrilled, lol..

Excited so far

The cool jackets the boys got this year

Some of the Minecraft stuff they received

My dad trying on the boys lizard mask from Spiderman.. Its actually creepy..

Mom opening her big boxes with only gift cards in them... hehe

My dad and his stash of BYU stuff..

The fishing box I made my dad with his gourmet bait in it.. Its jars filled with his favorite candy and nuts..

The twins cool hats they got.. well one of them may think not..

The storm the day after Christmas that hit us..

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