Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family Time.... and busy, busy time...

A few pictures of Mom and Dad Dodd when they were out here visiting us from Ohio. All the places they went:

Promitory Point, Golden Spike train museum
Prairie Schooner Restaurant to eat dinner in covered wagons
Bingham Mine
Drove through the Alpine loop (American Fork Canyon)
Sundance Resort
Great Salt Lake
Grist Mill in Tooele
Ophir (old mining town, ghost town) people still live there
Bear Lake (sat on the beach area while the kids played in the lake, tried there famous            raspberry shake)
Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake
Also a few other things in between. But for the most part I think we kept them busy..

At the end of August Joe's parents came out to visit for a few weeks. We had a nice time visiting and showing them different sites and things that Utah has to offer. It worked out perfect that the twins were on track break and Patrick didn't start school yet the first week they were here and then they all started back the second week, but it still all worked out and we were able to spend some time together. I wanted to post as many pictures as I could to show there trip and document it but there are so many so I think I am going to make up a book instead.
I feel like I haven't been able to do any blogging lately, just so busy! Why is it when your kids are little it seems like you are endlessly busy.. NO! Let me tell you I am more busy now than ever. I am running around like my head is cut off and if I'm not doing that I'm trying to squeeze in crafting and spending time with girlfriends and family and callings and the kids stuff and keeping the house together and you know I could go on.... And now the Holidays are coming.. AAAAHH! Thats all I have to say in this post. Lol. I am so excited though to be decorating for Halloween this year. I have some new ideas for my porch and have made a few new decorations this year too that I can't wait to get out. Pictures to follow..

Thursday, September 6, 2012

7th Grade!!!

On Tuesday Sept. 4th, Patrick started 7th grade! EEK! I can't believe its here. My first born is growing up. It's crazy how fast it seems to come once they start school. He was so excited to start this new chapter in his life. He did really well his first day. Got a round the school with no problems, got is locker open and seem to really enjoy the whole experience. Hope that excitement keeps up for the whole year...
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