Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve 2011/Happy New Year!

I can't believe its here... New Year's Eve and another year down. It has been a good year for us! We didn't have any real plans for this New Year's which is nice after a busy last couple of months for us. Earlier in the day we went to the movies and saw the new Mission Impossible and then lunch. We then came home and actually got a little nap in.. what a way to spend the day.
After waking up I then started on making our food we were to have for tonight. On the menu was homemade macaroni and cheese, sauerkraut and kabasi on rolls (its Joe's family recipe and tradition for New Year's) and it is very yummy. I also made little smokies in cresent rolls for the boys and then crackers, cheese and salami, chips and dip and can't forget the sparkling grape cider for later.
We didn't have to much planned. We ate, watched one of our new favorite shows on demand and then watched a little of the Rockin New Year's Eve in New York. We then called and talked with Joe's family back East when it hit New Year's for them. All in all it was a nice and relaxing day and ready for what the New Year holds for us in 2012..

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011...

Over the River and through the woods to
Grandma's house we go.....

This Christmas I feel like we did that. In 17 years that me and Joe have been together we haven't ever been able to go anywhere for Christmas because of his job. This year was an exception. He was suppose to work on Saturday, Christmas Eve but another driver that wasn't on the list asked if he could work for Joe if it was alright with the supervisors. As it turned out it was fine and so Joe was off on Christmas Eve.. the first in 17 years. He then had also put in to be off on that following Tuesday since they were offering option days. He ended up getting that also so we thought this is our chance to get away for Christmas and spend it some where else since that never happens that he gets 4 days off for Christmas. We headed down to stay with my parents in a little town called Enterprise in southern Utah. It's about 35 minutes north of St. George. They have officially retired there this year. Its about a 4 1/2 hour drive, so it wasn't that bad to pack everything up and travel for Christmas. Christmas Eve morning we got up and packed everything up and headed out. Even though we had 9 garbage bags full of gifts, luggage, pillows, blankets and etc., we managed to fit it all in and take the trip.
We got in early afternoon and unloaded everything and then visited with my parents for a little while until the boys just couldn't take it anymore. As we talked about it and with church being in the morning and my dad speaking we thought lets get opening the gifts on Christmas Eve instead and that way we can sleep in a little on Christmas Day, have breakfast even and then leave for church. So, we did just that. The boys were too excited and it worked out great for us adults...

After we came home from church we started on dinner and watched a little football and visited. We had a nice dinner of ham, turkey, potatoes, veggies and yummy rolls with a great dessert to follow. To say the least I was stuffed.. We lounged the rest of the night and watched a few episodes of my dad's new favorite show.. If I hear "Live Action" one more time I think I will scream.. Lol.

Monday we got up early and headed to St. George to shop for a few after Christmas sales. We did get a few things for next year, love that because neighbors and teachers are taken care of. We then met up with my brother and had lunch, hit a couple of more stores and then went to a movie (Sherlock Holmes) before heading home.. Tuesday we slept in a little bit got up and headed to another little town about 20 minutes away and had breakfast.. Yummy! All there food is homemade fresh even there jams and it was so good. We headed back to my parents were the boys visited and me and my mom went to a few local shops to check out a few of there sales and actually scored a few things even getting Patrick his Birthday gift already.. gotta love that. After 4 great, but always to fast days we headed home. It was a nice Christmas and one we will remember for a while since we never get to leave for the Holiday..

Waiting to open gifts.. Grandpa and Jacob

Blake not thrilled with his first gift he opened.. an art set

Jake very thrilled with what he got..

Patrick giving grandma a hug for his gift and about took her over at the same time..

The twins hugging each other in excitement for what they got

Patrick's big grin, realizing he got what he wanted..

The gift to all of them, that they all wanted..

Joe's few gifts.. he left his other stuff at home

A few of my gifts.. The mug for my hot chocolate from Patrick, the slippers were from Blake because he said they look like a cougar and they would match my "Y" cup.. Jake got me Jingle Jammies from Old Navy and Joe got me a really nice Sweater, lotion and Adel CD.

My dad and his "Y" cups, and his big spotlight to check out the deer in town at night..

My mom got her little heater that looked like an old stove..

After church..

My younger brother Tyler and his son Escher came down on Monday..

The boys at breakfast..

Escher while we were waiting for breakfast..Daddy and me..
I'm free...

The Boy's Christmas Concert...

On December 20th the boy's school (Bluffridge Elementary) 1st - 6th grade had a Christmas Concert that they held at Syracuse High School's Auditorium. It was really nice and well put together and my boys actually sang and did all the moves to the songs. I got a few pictures but did mostly video. Since I was the only one there because Joe was at work I could only do a little of both.

The drum section.. they were really good for just learning this new instrument.

Blake waiting to sing.. did not look very happy

Jake waiting to sing

1st - 3rd grades coming in to start the program

Patrick coming into sing, really didn't look happy... hehe its almost funny how tortured they look..

4th - 6th grade coming into sing..

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Special Day!

Yesterday, December 3, 2011, Jacob and Blake were Baptized. It was a very nice day. It was just our boys getting baptized so it was small and quick... We had just a few family members and close friends that came. I gave the talk on Baptism and the Holy Ghost and in so doing had to do some crying. During the week as me and Joe were both preping for this day we said to each other we can't believe this day has come. It sometimes seems in the beginning when there little that time just doesn't go by fast enough and then you get to these points and it has gone by too fast. Also as we were talking we both said its kinda of weird and sad at the same time that these are our babies and this would be the last time for this kind of event. So, to say the least as I started to speak I got emotional, but said my few words and then regrouped to finish my talk.
Joe did a great job even though he had to do it twice for everything. Jake as he came out of the water made the comment to Blake as he entered the water "That wasn't that bad" and with that we all had a great laugh. So, to them it wasn't all that bad. We are so proud of you both for making this decision in your life. It's funny because I feel like this is were they really grow up and from here on out is were they become Men.

On the Friday before....

A great friend and past neighbor and also her son is a good friend of the twins dropped a gift off for them. She gave them a white towel with a treat and a poem that went with the towel that they could use to dry off after they were Baptized. It was so special and I really appreciate her for doing that for the boys.

Baptism Morning.....

Jacob and Blake with Grandpa Truman

Jacob and Blake with Grandpa and Grandma Truman


Opening gifts from grandpa and grandma before we left.. Tie pins

Joe with Blake

Joe with Jacob

All of us before..

Programs and then frames I had everyone sign or put a message on for the boys and later will frame with there picture of there special day

Joe, the twins, my dad, my uncles and our Bishop that conducted and shared our special day

The Family that came and shared in our special day..

Our Luncheon afterwards...

We all enjoyed the all you can eat Salad Bar..

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