Friday, January 27, 2012

Having some Snuggie Fun...

We got the funnest gift from Joe's mom and dad (aka.. grandma and grandpa) this year for Christmas. They had told us they found these great snuggie's for the boys that were character themed and thought they would love them. Well to our surprise when we got the package me and Joe also got one of our own... So, since then we have been having fun switching them and snuggling in them. They are the warmest and so cozy of a blanket that I have had in a long time. The twins especially love them because they have a hood on there's that they can then play in them like they are super hero's.
We were playing around one night with them and took a few pictures... so enjoy the rest of the pictures and our fun we had with our snuggie's.....

The twins Batman and Patrick is Green Lantern

I really am Super Woman!! Patrick said I looked like a model with this on and in this pose... had to laugh since I did try modeling when I was a teenager.. maybe I should of stuck with it.. Lol

Joe as Super Man..

Patrick and Joe battling..

Super Man and Wonder "Super" Woman unite..

Joe tried Green Lantern

Patrick trying the Super Man snuggie

Patrick couldn't resist trying mine on either.. I think we both have the same pose down..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1st Cub Scout Award...

Last Wednesday Jacob and Blake got there 1st cub scout awards, the Bobcat and a belt loop... They were so excited! They have been waiting for this day it seems like forever. I was in Scouts for a couple of years when Patrick was a cub scout and they would come with me and just loved being involved with the boys and couldn't wait to be in scouts themselves... so here we are. It's crazy to think they are here already. But, they are having a lot of fun..

The boys with there awards

When they were receiving the award

Putting the mother's pin on me

The theme was 1st Aid, so they got to play doctor on one of the leaders

The wheel chair race. The boys found out it was harder than it looks to use your arms and push yourself around

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Season of Basketball....

The twins started a new season of Basketball at the local Rec. center. They missed last year, so they haven't played since Itty Bitty. This year is a little more exciting in the fact that they know how to play and get the ball were it needs to go. They still don't keep score but thats ok, because for right now in this age its all fun. Blake is playing a little better than Jacob. Blake seems to be able to dribble the ball and run down the court better and is really aggressive. Jacob likes to dribble in place but can shoot better and is not so aggressive. It's funny to watch them both and how different they are. This is only been there 2nd game and so far so good... they do seem to be excited about playing and it is fun to watch. The really exciting part about this year was with registration they also get a ticket to go see a Jazz game in March, so we are all excited about that. I haven't been to a game since I was a kid, so I'm looking forward to it...

Getting ready for tip off

Jake got the ball is headed down the court

Blake throwing the ball in

Blake waiting for the rebound

Blake taking it down to shoot

Huddle with the coaches

No shots were made this game, but they sure made an effort..

Friday, January 13, 2012

Joe's New Baby...

On Joe's favorite day of the year Friday the 13th, and also 13 being his lucky number he went into work this morning and was greeted and surprised with a BRAND NEW TRUCK! After 11 years as a driver he finally got his wish and got a new truck. It is an automatic, runs smoother and quieter, has speed actually and a low step, everything he has always wanted...
So, giddy as a school girl he calls me this morning to let me know the good news. He then wanted to meet for lunch so I could see it and of course had to take some pictures of his new baby. The first words out of his mouth though about it was he now can see himself retiring from UPS in comfort instead of misery... well hallelujah! Now here's to the next 10 years of the easy life.. hopefully.

Proud Daddy..

Its all shiny..


Has the new front and headlights like the European trucks do..
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