Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Recycle 5k Fun Run..

Since Joe ran a half marathon last year he has been loving them. Me not so much. I don't mind short distances but really hate long distance running. Always have... 
Joe had heard from a friend that Bountiful City is doing this Recycle Fun Run to get rid of t-shirts and medals from previous races. It was cheap and thought it would be fun for the whole family to do.. It was fun, but tiring since I haven't done anything all winter and so to say the least the next day I was SORE! But we had a lot of fun getting through it and even in the rain.. 
Blake was so cute! Once we got in the car he put his shirt on he got (which matched his medal) and also wore his medal the rest of the day without taking it off and into the next day. I think he definitely felt like he worked hard for this one and was not taking it off..

Spring Break 2013..

So this year was different with Spring Break. The twins didn't really have one because of year round and so because Patrick is in Junior High now he gets a week off. It was nice to be able to have some one on one time with him again and do stuff we enjoy. We didn't do something every day, but almost... We had lunch one day. Went shopping for some new shorts for him another day. And then our big adventure was going down to Salt Lake and seeing the Mummies exhibit at the Leonardo. This place is really neat and unique by itself, but seeing the Mummies they had was even cooler. They wouldn't allow photos to be taken in the exhibit so this is as much as I got. The rest of the pictures are when we toured the rest of the Leonardo. At the end Patrick had to run up this long bridge to the top. It was really neat and quite the view from the top...

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