Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Little Golfer...

The boys have been off track from school and I wanted to get Patrick into something while off track. He is not really into contact sports but has always loved golfing and begs us to take him all the time. So, the golf course down the road from us had a flyer for a golf clinic his age and was also running the weeks he was off track so we signed him up and he started yesterday and in his own words "He loves it".  I am so glad to see him liking a sport and also doing really well at it..

Saturday, August 8, 2009


While my parents were here we were able to go to Lagoon.  We had a great time! Patrick got to go on so many more rides because Tyler (my brother) was here and he wants to go on everything, but these were just a few of the funny and cute pics we captured there.  Thanks Mom and Dad for a fun day. Me and the boys really enjoyed ourselves..

The twins started Kindergarten..

The twins started there 1st day of Kindergarten on July 28th. They were so excited and surprisingly none of us cried, I think we were all ready to start this journey. It was also special because my parents were up and my mom was able to come with and experience this moment with us.  There good friend Porter was also starting school, I like to call them the 3 musketeers..

July 24th

I know its a little late to post this but the last few weeks have been busy with school and family in town and just getting back into the grove of things.. My parents and brother were able to come up from Las Vegas and spend the 24th with us. It was really nice to have them up, we haven't spent the 24th together for a long time.  We went to the parade in Ogden on Friday morning and then that evening my other brother from Salt Lake came up with his kids and we spent the evening letting off fireworks and playing games.  It was a nice day spent with Family..

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