Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to School!!

Blake and Jacob started back to school on Wednesday and are in the 3rd grade now! Man once they start kindergarten it just flies from there. So, far they are loving it! They actually knew there teacher this year since she was there kindergarten teacher too. So it was funny. She gave them a big hug and said there are my boys on Wednesday. I'm glad they enjoy her and that she feels the same way. They are in the same class this because of the track there on there was only the one teacher so it will be interesting to see how they do. But, all tell you at back to school night the other night it was nice to just go to one class instead of 3 different classes and 3 different teachers. Patrick will start back Sept. 4th and be starting Junior High this year, eeek. Little scared but also excited for him and me just to be able to handle the work load and the different things this pre-teen life brings...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Staying Busy...

So, this summer break we have actually kept pretty busy. The twins already start back next Wednesday, but I feel its time.. lol. While trying to keep the boys busy with different things and just not home. We were able to go up and visit Fort Buenaventura in Ogden. It was free and ended up being a little different than I thought. I thought it would be a tour but you just actually walk around and look at the site yourself. So, thats what we did. The boys enjoyed walking around and looking at the neat teepees they have and the wood huts where the Fort was originally. Its always neat to learn a little History..
While we were in Ogden and right by it we had to go to the Train Station AGAIN. We have been here at least a dozen times since we moved here and for some reason the boys are like "I don't remember this place" And I love this place! Cracks me up.
Last weekend we also went out to Antelope Island when my parents were here and enjoyed the sites out there again. Its always a fun place to visit..

At the Fort the boys found a trail they wanted to hike, so we did a little bit. But without the right shoes and not knowing were it went, it wasn't going to happen.

Train Station.....

Monday, July 16, 2012

There growing up so fast....

Sunday July 15th, Patrick received the Aaronic Priesthood and became a Deacon. It is so crazy how fast it has gone but yet seems like its time all at once. He was so excited to be moving on and now is in with the big boys. He will have so many different opportunities now and with starting Junior High this year, its going to be an exciting and busy time from here on out.. My parents came up and shared the day with us.

The boys with grandma and grandpa Truman

Dad and Patrick sharing a moment

Patrick, Dad and grandpa

Having a little fun

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Turning "12"!!

Happy Birthday Patrick!

Patrick turned 12 on July 10th.. It is so crazy to think how fast it has gone! He was born at 5:30 pm on a VERY hot day in Las Vegas. I was so happy to finally of gone into labor and not be pregnant anymore in the heat. He was so perfect and bigger than I thought he would be. We were so excited to have him arrive since it was our first and also the first grand baby on my side. He has had his struggles through the years with being a late bloomer in talking and speech and reading, etc. He is now a wonderful reader and can talk up a storm... 
He is now taking his first step into being a man, which is crazy for me to think about. He will be ordained in the Aaronic Priesthood this sunday. It's just weird to think of him being able to do certain things now and pass the sacrament.. he is growing up. And for me its strange to see. I think its the first child thing when they hit all those mile stones and then the next ones it just gets easier.
We celebrated Patrick's birthday this year at home with his favorite meal, chicken quesadillas, rice and chips. I then made his favorite cake, yellow with white frosting and sprinkles.. He received a golf blanket that I made him, a used play station that he has wanted and then from grandparents he bought himself a mine craft pick ax ( he knows what its for). He is going to celebrate with a few friends on friday at Boonedocks fun center.. Hope you had a great day Patrick and we love you so much! You are a great kid!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Part 2...

Blogger didn't like me adding to many pictures so I have had to break up our summer break... the other part of our little vaca in southern Utah was also visiting Pine Valley Reservoir. I haven't been here since I was a kid. It is such a beautiful place. We of course had to visit the lodge for a little treat. They also have a little steakhouse that we may have to come back and visit. We had to stop and see the church that is there and owned by the LDS church. It is the original here in Pine Valley, they also do daily tours in this church. But if you have been to This is the Place in Salt Lake then you have been through the replica they have there. After checking out town again we headed up to the Reservoir and to also check out how they have changed the campground areas and hiking areas we used to go as a kid. A lot has changed! They have modernized it know and made it more user friendly you could say but my dad says they have ruined it, just because you can't go anywhere you want to go know its all designated.

As you come into Pine Valley

The original church

The trails and Rec areas, the boys love it especially the rocks they can climb

My dad showing off his muscles

We stopped at a picnic table to eat some fruit and have a snack. It was so beautiful to sit right above the Reservoir and enjoy the view

Jake and Patrick seeing how cold the water was

The Syracuse Heritage Days Fireworks. We usually watch them every year unless we are out of town. We get to enjoy them right off of our patio in the back..

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