Thursday, August 28, 2008

More News about Blake..

For the Family members that haven't heard yet.  Blake will be having Surgery on Tuesday Sept. 2nd for a Hernia that he has.  Yes, you heard me right my 4 year old has a Hernia.  They thought that he must of done something to get it but when we saw the Surgeon he saw how early he was born and said that he has probably had it since birth since it is higher chance in premi's.  He has to have it taken care of before there is more complications.  The only thing that is going to be a challenge out of all of this is after the surgery he can't really do anything for 2 weeks!  (Yep, I know good luck for me).  All keep you posted for further updates and possible pictures because its right above his thing and I don't want to gross or freak any of you out so if I decide to post them and you have weak stomaches then just don't look at the pictures.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Blake Funny moment..

Me and Joe last night were sitting outside enjoying the evening and watching the kids ride there bikes and started talking about moments with them.  We have had a lot of Wasp's this year and they really love our play set, so one night about a month ago the boys were outside playing and we were in the house, all of a sudden you hear Blake just screaming and crying hysterically.  We run to the door and there he is screaming HE GOT ME!! HE GOT ME!! And we are like who got you?  And Blake's reply was the bee got me. The Wasp had stung him in the face and of course it does hurt and there is reason for the crying, but just the way he said HE GOT ME! in this little voice and the drama from it makes me and Joe just laugh every time we think about it.  But, also to let you know he was fine after a few hours and actually didn't have a reaction to it, since he is our one that usually has to go to the hospital for everything...

Friday, August 15, 2008


Since we are in the Heart of the Olympics I thought I would do a little background for the occasion and also post a little something.  I have been loving these Olympics and of course Michael Phelps, I mean who could resist someone as great as him to watch.  He is a spectacular athlete.  Our other favorites have the Woman's Volleyball and Gymnastics and now there finally going to start Track & Field which is one I have been waiting for.  Hope you are all enjoying it as much as we are...

Monday, August 11, 2008


It was the 1st day back after a nice long summer and Patrick came home saying he loves his new teacher and that he had the BEST DAY!  I'm so glad that we have started off well and hopefully the year will be a good one this year..  He is in 3rd grade already can you believe it, I can't.

Tim, trying to ride a skateboard.. He did pretty well for being an old man..HEHE

Payton and her new bike.. She was so excited and dad was very helpful.

I forgot to post!

Patrick when he 1st started riding his bike this year.  Was cruising a little to fast and turned the corner sharp and ended up sliding along the gravel and then into the curb, well the result was this.  You thought he had died, but it really was just really scraped up..
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