Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fun Times... But busy times....

So, its been a few weeks now and I got my life back. Now I know what it would of felt like had I gone into party planning as a job. I am on the Relief Society board for Enrichment and we were having our meeting one sunday in November for our R.S. Dinner. As we were having it our Bishop came by and said I need to talk to you. Usually thats not good... Well in some ways it wasn't. But he had asked if I would be willing to help with another lady in our ward to decorate for our Ward Christmas Party. So of course I said YES because I was excited to be able to do something nice and fun. The only thing that then turned it around was he asked us to make the centerpieces for every family to be able to take home. Ok, I am saying how many are you planning on. Oh, the Bishop says around 120 families. What! Was really my reaction and then what did I sign on for. As my mind started to think of all this it sunk in that both parties were the same week with in 2 days of each other... Crazy! But actually as it came along I was happy they were because now they were both done and I could get my life back and focus on the Holiday, my boys and my house again. Luckily we weren't doing anything big for our R.S. Dinner so it actually made it nice to just focus mostly on this. 
I am the worst at remembering to take pictures. So I didn't get pics of the R.S. Dinner but it was nice and simple, but still took time to put together, show up and help with decor and food. 
After 2 weeks of prep and 4 1/2 hours of setting it up before the ward party it all came together and looked great! We went with a Winter Wonderland Theme and it was beautiful. The pictures really don't do it justice. Nothing is like being there. We did 3 different vases with branches in them and then also made a ornament with baby Jesus in them. Yes, we did have a lot of help with all of this. I am super woman but I'm not that good.. Lol. Our entertainment for the night was different skit acts and Patrick was in one of them. All of the Young Men had done this act earlier for the Young Women in Excellence they had in November so they re-did it again for this night which I was so happy they did so we could see him. He did a good job and can actually dance... We video recorded it and of course we both were so into watching it forgot to take pictures.. It was a fun night. But I am happy it is over.. 

Foam boards I made up and then painted with chalkboard paint to write these sayings on them for the snowflakes that were around them. All of the primary children made a snowflake to put up on the board..

The Ornament..

The 3 different vases..

My wonderful partner in all of this Rainee... She is the one in the sweater taking pictures as well..

Patrick before he performed..


Just wanted to do a little post on this day since we will never see this date again. I wanted to journal it as a reminder years from now when I look back and reflect.......

Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Jacob and Blake!!!

Happy Birthday 
to you!!

Wow! It has been a year again! It is so crazy how fast time does go by now. So the twins had not just one day for there birthday but two... Since it landed on Friday November 9th and we couldn't really celebrate it until saturday, we did 2 days of activities. So, friday I took the twins to do the bounce slides they love and then to lunch. Then for dinner they wanted there favorite my taco's I make and salsa and chips. Then Saturday we took them to see Wreck it Ralph and then to Garcia's for dinner (yes, more mexican). My boys are just like me and love there mexican. We surprised them by having them come out and sing and bring out the dessert they get. It was so funny the look on there faces while wearing a sombrero. All in all it was 2 great days. Just wish I could remember to bring my camera with us instead of always forgetting to capture these moments..

The goofy look 1...

They requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, so I made a chocolate gnash frosting. So Yummy!

The goofy look 2...

Eating there cake with there Birthday plates they made..

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012....

So, this Halloween came up quickly... according to Blake. He said it is Halloween already man it came fast. Yes, I agree! So all month the boys never said a word about what they wanted to be or anything. Finally a week before I asked what they wanted to do. The twins decided on as an Army guy and a Scary Army guy. Jake didn't have his full costume on yet when I took these pictures. Patrick wanted to be a zombie UPS man. Kinda funny since this is what his dad feels like every night when he comes home. The last picture is of Patrick and his group of friends right before they headed out trick or treating...  After all the trick or treating was done we gathered together and Joe looked up a quick scary story from Edgar Allan Poe and we listened to it as a family. Perfect before they all had to go to bed... They were good though.. Love starting new traditions.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Just wanted to share...

This month when I was going to do my visiting teaching I wanted to do a little handout. To get inspiration some months and for printouts I love to go to to find them. As I was doing that for my little handout I came across another blog that does a lot of church ideas as well. The one she had for this month was this tag for Boo-nana Bread. I loved it! I make banana bread a lot usually this month and so I thought it would be  perfect for a treat. It went with this months holiday perfectly.. My girls I visit got a kick out of it as well.

Patrick's 1st Band Concert...

Patrick joined band this year in Junior High. He chose the trumpet and has been enjoying it and actually not doing to bad. Last week he had his first Concert at the school with the other bands. As far as I could hear he did pretty well. And for a group of beginning band kids they played really well. Looking forward to the Christmas Concert...
(hopefully going to have my nice camera fixed by then)

Monday, October 22, 2012

At Blake's Request!

So, Blake has been bugging me for EVER to get him into a gymnastics or tumbling type class. So we got a paper a month ago about different things going on in the town next to us. One of those courses was a trial run for 5 weeks in gymnastics/tumbling. I thought this would be the perfect time to have him try it out and not be stuck in it if he didn't enjoy it. Well, he is LOVING it! So it looks like when we are done we may be doing this on a monthly basis. He is actually really good at it. I am happy he is enjoying it and so we will look into letting him pursue it after this is over...

Patrick's 5k...

Patrick ran the 5k for his Junior High's fundraiser and also to get out of 3 timed runs in P.E. Of course it was nice to give to a cause but he was so excited to just get out of running in P.E. Lol. Joe decided to also join in and run with him. Patrick also ran with his best friend. They had a great run and a little fun even though it was a very chilly October morning... So proud of you both!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's October!!

It's October and that means Halloween.... It's crazy to think its here again already but it is! And this year I have had some fun making a few new things for inside and out. About 12 years ago doing wood projects was so in and I used to do them all the time and now they are back and even cuter. So, me and a few friends of mine got together and have made up the trick or treat blocks and the Wicked blocks which are my favorite. Then I needed a new wreath for the door and decided to make this one out of burlap. It turned out cute but is a little time consuming. Didn't think about that when I saw the idea, but was worth it. I also gave my pumpkins this year a little paint treatment just to spice things up a bit. Now its just time to get baking, costumes and then lots of candy. It's going to be busy this month but looking forward to a lot of family and friend time. The boys are already bugging to go to haunted houses and I don't know about it anymore. I had my share as a teenager and now I would rather pass. But I think will find some friendly ones for the twins and Patrick can go with his friends. Then everyone is happy.

   Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

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