Friday, August 19, 2011

Another Milestone...

Patrick had his Arrow of Light Ceremony the other night. He has officially graduated from cub scouts and now into Boy Scouts.. were did the time go. Three years has already gone by. The Ceremony was really nice. The cub master in this ward is so great and goes way beyond his calling for these boys. He put together the bridge that the boys cross and with this bridge they have to put it together piece by piece before they cross it.
Starting off with Tiger and Wolf

Working to get it across

Next was Bear

And then the last was Webelo

Putting the Mother's Pin on me

Crossing of the bridge into Boy Scouts

Getting his Arrow as he crosses

Greeted by his Scout Leader and a few of the boys

Signing the bridge

His shadow box we put together with his awards through the years and his Arrow of Light

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Remembering A Great Man....

My grandpa just over a week ago past away at the age of 91. This last weekend we went down to Southern Utah for the Funeral. He had started to go down hill these last 6 months and was really struggling with his health. He finally past away in his sleep. He lived a long and productive life. He was a brick layer (mostly homes and businesses). Him and my grandma had 7 children (my dad is one of them). He was a hard worker and not much of a talker until my grandma past away 3 years ago and then he was talking up a storm. He was in the Military in the 1940's where he fixed the fighter planes. The Funeral was a beautiful service. There were Veteran's of War there to Salute my grandpa. One of them was even his own brother, that is still alive. I had kept it together for the service until they started the Ceremony with Service Men and then when they gave the flag to my Aunt, after that I lost it. It was very emotional. I can't imagine what people who lose loved one's at war go through, because my grandpa was just a Veteran and it was emotional, but a beautiful tribute to him.



The Veteran's lined up at the Cemetery before he got there..

Salute before the service began..
This guy that played the trumpet was amazing
Folding of the flag

Giving the flag to my Aunt
My cousins daughter sang
My Uncle Brian spoke at the service
My parents with Jake


The next day we decided to go down to Snow's Canyon (just outside St. George) and do some hiking and find this cave that Joe wanted to see..

We found the cave and it is an impressive hole in the ground when you come up on it..

Grandpa and the boys
Inside the cave pretty deep..

On we went throughout the park and some of the other stuff we saw

Then we came back and went 4 wheeling for a little while... All in all it was a great weekend. Love spending time with my little family..
Grandma and Jake hanging out..

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