Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Jacob and Blake....

This day 7 years ago at 11:51 and 11:52 am you were born. It is hard to believe it has been 7 years. The time has flown by! All though within the first year and half of your life I didn't think it was going very fast but from then on out it just seems like it has gone by quickly and just keeps going faster and faster each year.
You both are so special in your own way. Even though you have a unique bond with each other you are two different people inside. But that is a good thing because you both bring different attributes to our family that are great and fun. In the beginning it was hard to have 2 at once, but now I can't imagine it any different.
We have had a celebration of sorts for this birthday this year. We had decided on no party just family time and so they have basically got 3 days of fun in a row (usually that only happens to adults). So here is how we did things that they wanted to do. On Saturday we took them to see MegaMind (the new movie out) and after went to Chili's for dinner. Then Monday they were wanting there cake already, so I decided this year also to make a cake (which has never happened, I usually buy). So Monday we celebrated the cake and now Tuesday on the actual birthday I took them to Boondocks because this was something else they wanted to do and over the weekend we didn't have time to do it. So, I thought on there birthday it would be fun to celebrate it and then we got ice cream afterwards. They now also have gotten birthday cards and money from there grandma and grandpa's and now we need to go to the store to do that. But, I think that will wait for this weekend. They have had quite the birthday this year with so much going on hopefully they had a good one even though it was so broken up. Happy Birthday boys, we love you so much.... Mom, Dad and Patrick!

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