Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last entry. For now.....

The last several months have been good but so busy! After short selling our home 3 years ago we were able to buy again. So we took the opportunity and did it. We ended up finding a home that stayed in our current ward and the schools for the boys. It is a great little home for us. It's not our dream home but is on the budget, lol.... We will be comfortable here for a long time and its ours. Thats what really matters.
Since we have been moving and then getting settled and then family came to visit. On top of everyday life and so on I just haven't had time to blog. As I thought about it the other day I have been doing this since 2008 and not once yet have I even printed my blog. So I feel at this time until I can get my life together and hopefully get my blog printed one of these days that I will take a break and not have anymore entries at this time.
I love those who have followed me and don't delete me because I will be back at some point. But for now I am needing the break...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

4th Grade!!!

My babies started 4th grade today! Were has the time gone? Its great but also crazy how fast it goes once they start Kindergarten... They have their own teachers this year. So they are split up and I think it works so much better than being in the same class. Not so much drama when they come home, Lol..
They both had a great day and love there teachers! It's a step up this year so it's going to be busy between there work and Patrick's.. Someday I will miss all the homework, right?

Love you boys...

Birthday Fun....

So, for Patrick's 13th Birthday all he wanted was a late night with his friends. So, on wednesday (his actual birthday) we celebrated as a family and with his favorite cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate chips in it and vanilla whip cream frosting... Rich but good! 
He then on friday had his late night with friends. I am bummed that I didn't think about taking a picture of him and his friends until they all left. Brain was not working that night. He wanted a Minecraft themed birthday which is so big right now. But they haven't come out with party stuff yet for this and so thankful for Pinterest that other people have already done similar parties. They made stuff for it and then posted the free printable's on there to use. So I picked a few things had them printed off and cut away. Patrick colored the creeper face on the green box for the popcorn and helped cut out. They had lots of goodies and pizza to eat... 4 boys and there wasn't anything left at the end of the night... Crazy!
Patrick and his friends had a great time and thats all that matters..

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

13 Years ago.....

On this day 13 years ago, Patrick Joseph was born. He came in at 5:32 pm at St. Rose Hospital in Henderson, NV. He was 8 lbs. 9 oz. and 21 inches long.
I can't believe it has been now 13 years. We officially have our first teenager. Its so surreal. Kind of like the day he was born. It was weird to me to think I was now a mother. Patrick has been such a joy in our life. He is so kind and loving. And makes us laugh with all the corky things he does. He is so into Minecraft and Halo and anything that lets him build and create. 

Happy Birthday Patrick!!

We love you! And are so happy you are part of our Family...

Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013...

So, this year we thought of doing something different for Memorial Weekend. We decided to go camping with some friends of ours up to Bear Lake. Over all it was a fun 
1 1/2 days we spent there. We got there around noon on saturday, started setting everything up, visited for a little while and then went down the street to check out the little town. We then had pizza at our favorite place there. With 10 of us all together we decided to get there largest pizza they have the Old Ephraim, 28" of goodness... This thing is massive and so funny to see. But it did the job in feeding us all.
After eating our massive pizza we headed to the shop next door and got some treats for later. I of course had to get there famous chocolate covered raspberries. So yummy! We then headed back to our camp site. It was a nice evening around the fire. But the night was long and very cold. After not being able to sleep because the boys kept getting up, the babies around the camp ground crying off and on and then the bitter cold by 4:30 am we couldn't take it any longer... We all got in the car and started it to get warm. We then all fell back to sleep and got a little more rest before starting our next day. Our friends enjoyed a nice evening in their trailer and it made me realize that I no longer can do tent camping... it is time for a trailer..
So after spending the day at Bear Lake and having our tin foil dinner we headed home that evening to be in our own beds and be WARM.. You have to love the adventure though. The boys will remember it always..

Patrick's hand compared to the pizza..

We finished it

Our camp site

Have fun with the 4 wheeler

Enjoying the lake on a cold over cast day..

Back at the camp site we rented these banana bikes they call them and the boys rode them around. They had the best time..

Lego Mindstorm...

This year Patrick joined Lego Mindstorm club at school. After weeks of putting there robots together they then went up to Brigham City and had their final competition with 4 other schools last friday. (yes, they actually have a competition for this). 
He was so excited for this day and as we got up there and got settled we then heard the bad news from his teacher. Patrick's partner that had the remote for the robot was not going to be able to make it because of his grades. Well that just made for a very upset kid and then a rush to try and get someone's android phone or tablet to set up to Patrick's robot and work. One of Patrick's teammates mom let us borrow her phone and it worked! We were so excited. Then when the competition started it wouldn't work... Ugh! After about 20 minutes of trying every tablet and having so many different kids help (even from different schools) we finally got a boy that I swear is a genius get it figured out and Patrick was able to compete. He did really well and won the rest of his heats. But because he missed several in the beginning he didn't make it past the 1st level. It was ok. He still was happy to just be able to participate and build a robot and just be in Mindstorm club period. He was so happy to of made it in the club this year since last year he didn't make it in. There is only a limited amount of kids they take, so he was happy to make it this time. 
So happy and proud for you Patrick in what you accomplished even though you didn't place... 

Putting his number flag on..

Practice before he competes


Mindstorm club..

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Recycle 5k Fun Run..

Since Joe ran a half marathon last year he has been loving them. Me not so much. I don't mind short distances but really hate long distance running. Always have... 
Joe had heard from a friend that Bountiful City is doing this Recycle Fun Run to get rid of t-shirts and medals from previous races. It was cheap and thought it would be fun for the whole family to do.. It was fun, but tiring since I haven't done anything all winter and so to say the least the next day I was SORE! But we had a lot of fun getting through it and even in the rain.. 
Blake was so cute! Once we got in the car he put his shirt on he got (which matched his medal) and also wore his medal the rest of the day without taking it off and into the next day. I think he definitely felt like he worked hard for this one and was not taking it off..

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