Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last entry. For now.....

The last several months have been good but so busy! After short selling our home 3 years ago we were able to buy again. So we took the opportunity and did it. We ended up finding a home that stayed in our current ward and the schools for the boys. It is a great little home for us. It's not our dream home but is on the budget, lol.... We will be comfortable here for a long time and its ours. Thats what really matters.
Since we have been moving and then getting settled and then family came to visit. On top of everyday life and so on I just haven't had time to blog. As I thought about it the other day I have been doing this since 2008 and not once yet have I even printed my blog. So I feel at this time until I can get my life together and hopefully get my blog printed one of these days that I will take a break and not have anymore entries at this time.
I love those who have followed me and don't delete me because I will be back at some point. But for now I am needing the break...

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