Friday, April 22, 2011

Here we go again.....

Yes, we moved again! But, in my eyes for good reasons. I wasn't totally happy at the other rental we were in. So, with a lot of pondering and praying we decided to start looking and see if we could find something that was less in price for one and then also with a better area of neighbors, still stay with the school the boys are in and go to the junior high Patrick will be going to next year and all before our lease is up at the 1st of May ( I know a tall order) then we would do it. Well prayers must of been answered and it was meant to be because we found something that fit all the needs and we moved in last Saturday. So, below are a few pictures of the new place or in Blake's words the New "old" place. It is older, but a year ago they updated the kitchen all the bathrooms and put new carpet and paint in the house.. you can't beat that. Also, it has a great deck off the house which is on the second floor and the view is so nice (I have my mountain view back). Also, the backyard is about an acre of land which the boys are loving and so am I because I don't feel sandwhiched between neighbors.
We have only been here a week, but I am already really enjoying it and that's all that really matters. Maybe one day we will buy again, but then in 10 years Joe can retire and we will want to move out of Utah for retirement. So is it worth buying again and risking trying to sell another home? That is the question...

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