Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First tooth out...

Well Blake might be able to ride his bike without training wheels but Jake has lost his first tooth. Finally one of the twins have lost a tooth. There almost 6 and they haven't lost any teeth, I know they say thats better for them but I didn't think it would ever happen..  He is so excited and can't wait for more to come out.

Blake with no training wheels..

Memorial Day we were out in the yard and the boys were riding there bikes. Blake kept saying I hate these training wheels and I said well you need to start practicing then on one training wheel and then you will be able to get the balancing down to ride the bike. So he put one training wheel up and started balancing the bike pretty well and then he put both of them up and took off with out any help.. Me and Patrick were just in shock. So now Blake can ride his bike with no training wheels and did it all on his own with out any help from us.  Amazing! Now if we can get Jake to do the same will be in business.

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