Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crossing my fingers...

Last Friday (April 20th) I finally made a decision after 2 years to go in and have an Endometrial Ablation done. It is to stop or lighten your period. The main down fall is that it only stops your period in 45% of woman, the other half it lightens it significantly and 10% it doesn't work at all.. I am hoping for the stopping but would be really satisfied with it lightening. I have had problems since I had my twins but nothing like I have had the last few years. The bleeding and cramping was just getting unbearable. So after hearing about this procedure for a while I looked into it and decided to have it done. My mom came up and Joe got the day off to help with kids, school and me which apparently was quite the ordeal.
The doctor informed me this was a simple procedure and that I would be back to normal in 24 to 48 hours. So, knowing that when I come out of anesthesia I am a little sick and usually throw up a couple of times, well I wasn't prepared for this though. I woke up and was pretty much sick. I threw up and then was sweating so bad I was drenched and could not cool down. Well, a little while later even though it felt like minutes to me because I was so out of it, I was moved to another recovery room were I was there for about 3 hours before I could finally go home. In that time they gave me 2 nausea meds and 2 different pain killer meds through my IV, one was morphine and it did NOTHING... could not believe it! Nothing worked on the pain that I had been going through all this time. Not only was my stomach hurting my lower back and then because of that all they had given me I couldn't stop throwing up... I know lovely. Finally the nurse said some people just don't take medication well through the IV they have to have it orally which must be me because she finally had me take another pain med, swallowing it this time and it seem to start working and taking the edge off, just enough to stop throwing up and be able to check myself out and get home. Once home I tried to eat a little bit so that I could take another pain pill and try to get some rest which I think was also what my mom and Joe needed to do since it was rough in recovery. According to Joe all I did was moan for about 3 hours and was back and forth in the bed, which he said just gave him a headache because there was nothing he could do for me but watch me suffer. But what he doesn't realize is the pain I'm feeling is my blown up uterus trying to contract back down and then the inside of it was burned out from the procedure so YES, I was in a little bit of pain...
So, finally once home and another pain med again I fell a sleep and had a nice rest. After waking up I felt better and decided the best thing to do was to keep on the medication as soon as I felt it and then just rest. By that night I was only taking Tylenol and was no longer in the severe pain I felt earlier. Saturday after waking up I tried to eat breakfast and started to feel constipated ( I know you don't want to know this) and so it made the nausea come back. After resting again and taking a shower I then was feeling dizzy and off balance which is never good. I think from really not eating for 24 hours and all the medication I was just really dizzy. Finally Sunday was doing a lot better but still a little constipated and could not eat anything but really a liquid diet. So, Joe headed to the store for some prunes, activia yogurt (which really works) and some 7-up. All of this really helped and staying on a liquid diet. Monday woke up feeling great but quickly realized I could not move as fast I needed to with out my stomach just cramping. After talking with some other people that have had this done it is normal all of this and that you actually are not back to normal for at least a week or two. So, besides a little soreness now I am crossing my fingers that the procedure worked and that I will have the out come I am hoping for.
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