Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thanks Uncle David, Aunt Tonya and DJ

Thank you to Uncle David, Aunt Tonya and DJ for giving us and extended Christmas.. Here are the things that the boys picked out.  They are loving there new Basketball Hoop and the little toys they also got. Thanks again and we love you guys!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Year 2009...

Well the New Year is here and even though you want them to be great mine hasn't started off the greatest.  My parents were here for Christmas and the New Year and we had a great time.  Then I received a phone call sunday night that my cousin (one I haven't seen in a long time) died and they weren't sure from what yet.  Even though we weren't close I feel bad for the his parents that I have had a relationship with and just feel for them with the pain there going through and then wanting answers to how a 28 year could die so young. 
 I am praying and trying to have as much Faith as I can that things will be the same this year as any other year and that Joe will have his job and there won't be any permanent layoffs.  I hope for Health and strength for our family and the big one as always do better with what I'm suppose to be doing and also try and lose more weight.
We appreciate all our Family and close friends that we have and for all that you do to help us.  We wish all of you a Wonderful New Year and wish you all the Best!

Happy New Year  2009..........
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