Monday, August 13, 2012

More projects done and our little garden this year.....

So, I have been on a role the last couple of weeks with just getting done what I have needed to get done for a while. I am the worst with taking before pictures and so with all my other stuff I did there are not any pictures. I did though while doing this project think to take pictures. I bought this medal chest for $5 dollars at a yard sale and just immediately thought of painting it this blue color I love and putting it on our deck to hold different things and then just to brighten things up. Gotta love spray paint and about 10 minutes! I am pretty much up to date at this point with projects just have a couple left and then start again on the scrap booking. But then it will be the holidays and then its more projects... lol. It just never ends...

We planted a little garden this year and have gotten a lot from it. From what came up we really have gotten a lot and really enjoyed it. I love free produce! A few things didn't come up though. Our carrots, peas, cantaloupe and watermelon. I was looking so forward to the fruit and it didn't come up, I was so disappointed. But, you live and learn. Maybe next year..

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1 down.. 20 more projects to go...

Ahh, I have got so many different projects crafty and non-crafty going on lately I just feel overwhelmed not having the time I need to get everything done. So, lately I decided to start going through them all of them and prioritizing to get them all done and not feel so overwhelmed anymore. So, I wanted some pillows for our patio furniture. Since the colors this year were bright and fun thats what I picked to do. My mom was getting rid of some old throw pillows she had and instead of getting rid of them I told her to give them to me and I was going to get this canvas material and make pillow covers to go over them and put them outside. Luckily for me, I met this girl in our new ward that sews really well and she said anytime she would help me put these together and give me tips on sewing again, since it has been an eternity since I sewed. I really love when people will give up there time and talents to help others with something they have an interest in. So, one night we got together and made up these pillow covers to go over the old ones. I am so excited and have to say I did 95% of the sewing. I am so excited to have another project done to mark off the list. I feel they turned out so cute and am so surprised at how easy they were to do... so watch out cause the sewing is going to be on... lol.

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