Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day...

"When you go home, tell them of us
and say, for their tomorrow, we gave our today."

In Memory of those who have died for our Country..

Before I started my post, I wanted to put that saying at the beginning that I saw on another blog. It is just a beautiful reminder of what this day stands for. Our Memorial Day was not the traditional one. We don't have family around us and were unable to go to be with family. So, we still wanted to do something with our little family and here in our backyard is Antelope Island and they were having this Cowboy Poetry and Music sort of festival at the Ranch on Antelope Island. So we thought it would be something interesting for us to do today. It was really neat to see and listen to the different bands and there poetry that they did. The boys had fun doing the little activities they had and climbing the trees.
As we came into the park it was incredible to see all the water that was there. We were out there about 4 years ago and it was dry. But, thanks to all the rain this year it is no longer dry and the snow hasn't even melted yet.. scary! After the Ranch we went to go up by the visitor center and on the other side is the beach area of Antelope Island and I remember it as a kid with lots of water, but 4 years ago again it was pretty dry and the water was a long way out. Well, this time it was all the way up to the beach area and just an amazing site. Even though it wasn't our usual day of visiting loved ones that have past on, we got to enjoy some family time and a relaxing day.
The storm clouds on one side and clear on the other..

Were the Antelope roam.. and even looking at us.

Site seeing and tree climbing..

The beach at Antelope Island.. I think the water level will be good this year. We will have to come back in about a month when its warm and do some swimming.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Brilliant Idea...

In our last Ward we were just in. This amazing lady Jana Schofield came up with this Brilliant idea, as I like to call it... After people would ask her for different recipe's she finally said why don't I just put it in a cookbook and that way she can share it with everyone. But, what I love about her idea is that she took her recipe's and made it into 30 weeks of menus where there is no thought in it at all. You just start with the week and there is the meal, side and dessert for everyday, plus the recipe down below to follow. There is no more thinking of what am I going to make and trying to find and search for new recipe's. At least for the next 30 weeks. Then after your done, she has also indexed in the back under categories anything and everything. So, if you want chicken one night but not sure what to do just look up chicken and get a handful of ideas again.
She is selling this wonderful book (if your interested) and also has a blog that she posts often new ideas and tips. You can also find her cookbook there to purchase. Her blog is or I have her link under my link's on the right. I just got her book from her and it has been wonderful not having to worry about what to cook everynight. It is so easy to sit down and plan my whole week out now whether I copy her week by week or just look up new recipe's.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

5th Grade Program...

Patrick's program this year was The Land of The Free. It was really good. He actually sang all the songs and was into it. I would have to say this is finally the first year that he has actually done the actions and you could tell he was singing... so it made it more enjoyable to watch because he was actually involved.
Its amazing how many people come and support there kids. Its great but at the same time you feel crammed in this little gym, sweating because they have the heat on because we are still not out of winter here, LOL. But, again a cute program from one of our boys.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A First Grade Program... 2011

Jacob and Blake outside after there program. They got to make there shirts there wearing. Its funny to see how creatively different they are.
The twins had there program last week for first grade. The boys did a great job for there first program, especially Jake he gets really into it... Blake did good but had that look like do I really need to do this.

A short video Joe did with the camera of the boys doing there program, very cute!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I wanted to do a little post about Mother's Day and what a special time it is. This Mother's Day I spent the whole weekend with just me and my 3 boys in Las Vegas. We were down helping my parents with a yard sale they were having since there retiring and moving this year. So, besides a little work the boys were able to have a little fun in the sun (it was 101 degrees while we were there, hot). We went swimming and they were in Heaven.. This weekend though being with them myself has given me time to reflect on having kids and being grateful to have them in first place and then to just think how fast they have grown. I try to be more patient as they get older because I realize its happening fast and soon they will be young adults and want there own life and they won't be around as much and in a way that makes me sad to think about. I have 3 great boys that I hope to grow up to be 3 great men someday... Happy Mother's Day to all and hope your day was special as well......
So, on Sunday as we drove home together (Joe had to stay home and work) it was a nice drive home as we talked and they watched movies until we get to Provo and the rain was coming down so hard and then Salt Lake was rain and fog, crazy..
We arrived and Joe was so happy to see us after 4 days of being gone. So, we got to spend the rest of Mother's Day together and eat the chocolate covered strawberries he bought me, YUM!
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