Friday, February 25, 2011

Its a Miracle.....

A new chapter in my life has happened. With our last trip we just took, it was finally the nail in the coffin that we needed to get a car that had more room since now our 3 boys are getting bigger and Patrick is needing a lot more leg room. Our goal lately is to have as little going out as possible. So, we couldn't upgrade to a bigger more roomy SUV because of the cost so the only other option is go to a mini van. As for those who know me I don't hate mini vans but I don't love them. I swore I would NEVER own one. Well, that chapter in my life has finally come and because I want sanity while we travel and mainly to make my boys comfortable I did it. So, the coolness will go out the door for a while until I can get something else when they are grown and gone. So remember boys I did this for you... LOL. I Loved the time I had with my Durango it was a great car and really loved not having a car payment for the last 6 years, but we need to move on. So, here is the new van..

Monster Truck Jam.. 2011

Last weekend the Monster Truck Jam was in and Joe kept hearing it on the radio and had always wanted to take the boys.. he thought it would be a good time. Well as it got closer to Saturday he heard that because it wasn't sold out yet and they try and get people to come that kids would only be $5.00. So with the price of us and them it was a lot better deal. So I called and got tickets and off we were on Saturday to the Monster Jam. It was fun but surprisingly really loud. Thank goodness they give you ear plugs. The boys loved it!

The twins really into it.. serious concentration, and there ear plugs.
Jake showing his excitement for the trucks and what they are doing.. The other great thing about this show was during half time they had these guys come out on snow mobiles and do these tricks with this ramp. It was totally amazing and scary at times if they were going to land ok or not.. but I have to say I thought this was the best part of the whole thing.

The different trucks when they would go over the smashed cars.. pretty neat.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our trip to Las Vegas/California for a little R & R... Feb. 2011

Joe usually has a week of vacation in February and it happened to be the same time the boys were on track break from school. So, we decided to take a little trip and have some fun and a break from it all, plus get out of the cold and snow.
We headed down a day early because of the storm coming into Utah and we didn't want to travel in it. So we got to Vegas Monday night and stayed with my parents. Tuesday my mom and us went to see the Hoover Dam bridge project they had been working on for the last few years and it was finally done and I had been wanting to see it. We first drove over it and then went and parked because you can then walk along the bridge way and look over to the dam. The best part of it all is its FREE.. But, let me tell you this thing is amazing and what a massive structure. I knew it would be the last time I was there and they were putting up the pillar's for the bridge. I couldn't believe this was something they could do but now here is proof. If you ever get a chance to go to Vegas you have to see this. Its only about a half hour drive from Vegas and well worth it. While we were right there we also stopped by Lake Mead. The last time I saw this lake about 6 years ago it was all white because there was no water in it. Now its got some water in it and it is a beautiful site.
That night we then went down to see the new Hotel Aria and the Town Center they built. These buildings again are amazing with there Architecture and structure of them. I know I am crazy but I love buildings that are built so amazing that you just want to stand and stare at them. The boys loved the tram ride you can take and then the neat things inside the town center to look at.
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1st Day in California...

We arrived in California Wednesday about noon. Some of the sights as we came into town. We then headed straight for Universal Studios because we had a 7 day unlimted pass that came with our package deal and since we only had 2 days to use it we were taking advantage of it as much as possible.
Here are some of the highlights from Universal and the back lot tour we took while there. There were lots of characters this time. I don't ever remember in the summer months there being so many characters out all over the park. After we left the park we headed down to the hotel to check in. We stayed right in the heart of Hollywood and only a couple of blocks from the Walk of fame and the different popular Theatre's. We walked down to check it all out and as we got there, there were tons of people all around and I guess at the Chinese Theatre there was a 3D premier going on and so you couldn't walk down to far but we got some pictures of it. Joe asked one of the security guys if anyone famous was here and he said no one we would know. But, it was still pretty crazy to see how a premier works and how many people are out just standing around watching all the people walk the red carpet. There were also some crazy people along the way dressed in basically Halloween costumes wanting you to take pictures with them and then they want you to tip them. So after the first one that was it and told them no after that. Luckily they arn't rude when you tell them no, but whats creapy is we found out they are street bum's just dressed up trying to make a buck. Smart on there part but a little creapy for me..
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El Capitan Theater, Walk of Fame, Kodak Theatre and Chinese Theatre..
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2nd Day..

Our 2nd day here we went to NBC Studios before we went to Universal and took a tour. They wouldn't let you take pictures on the tour, so I got a few while we were waiting. On our way to NBC we passed Warner Brothers Studio and would of loved to do that tour but you have to be 12 years old and older to go, maybe next time.
NBC tour was fine. I have been before but Joe hadn't and it is neat to see some of the history and what they film there, but it's nothing big. We did get to see Jay Leno's set and were he films his show and got to see the band that was rehearsing for that night's show, but we didn't know who they were. After NBC we headed back to Universal (its just down the street) for the rest of the day.. this was what we did the 2nd day.
After we were finished with Universal (they close at 5 pm on the off season). We went back to the hotel for a minute and then headed back down to the Walk of fame and that (we were only 2 blocks from it) to have dinner. After dinner we were able to actually walk in and see the Chinese theater since the premier wasn't going on and got a few more pics of some of the Stars.
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Chinese Theater in Hollywood
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Last Day in California..

Our last day here Joe had always wanted to visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA so we headed down there and decided to take the long way through downtown and I am so glad we did because the buildings downtown were incredible and all the little towns we went through like Korean town, little Mexico and little Italy, yes they do exsist and crazy to see. The first pictures are of downtown and then of the concert hall. It is an amazing building and really neat to see such Architecture. They were rehearsing for a concert so we couldn't go in the Hall, but it was neat to see the rest of the building itself. We then headed to the beach.. you can't come to California and not go to the beach. Our boys would just die.. so we headed to Santa Monica Beach which is one I haven't been to yet and it is beautiful. As we were leaving the boys kept saying how much they wanted to stay and wish we could live here. I agree! We should of put in the transfer to there instead of Utah, but we are here and there is always retirement time to move to California. What a great trip.. just what the doctor ordered.
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Santa Monica Beach
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