Thursday, March 29, 2012

My New Favorite Saying.....

I have been on this kick lately about sayings, especially ones that really make me stop and think... so today I was on a new blog that I found browsing through it and seeing some of the crafty stuff she has done and up came this desk with a big framed chalkboard and on it written in chalk was this saying that I felt I needed to share and now am trying to figure out what I should do with it to put it in my house as Art.

" The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything."

I LOVE, LOVE this!

Friday, March 23, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Dinner!

For St. Patrick's Day I decided to do something special like I did for Valentine's Day. It was to have a family dinner that went along with the holiday and also decorate a little bit to make it special. This day of course though Patrick deems his. He thinks because it has his name in it that he was named after this Holiday, which is not true at all..
So, for the dinner I made a traditional Irish main course which are Pierogies. Joe growing up back East he ate these every year during lent. Never hearing of them until I met Joe. I tried them when we lived in Ohio and thought they weren't too bad. Out west here I didn't think you could get them but one day at Walmart there they were in the freezer section, Mrs. T's brand. So, excited I bought them and Joe was in heaven. So, every now and then we have them, but felt it was perfect for this holiday tradition.
Pierogies are a pasta filled with potato and cheese. I also made butter and herb rice with green beans. For dessert we had cupcakes and green jello with marshmallows. It was a nice dinner and always fun to do. The boys get a real kick out of the food that goes with the holiday and the little bit of decorations to make it feel special... It's always the little things that they will always remember and I Love that!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jazz Game..

Our view from our seats..

Me, the and twins went to a Jazz game the other night. They received a free Jazz ticket this year for playing Jr. Jazz. They were pretty excited to finally be done with basketball a couple of weeks ago and now to be able to go to the Jazz game. Our seats even though in the nose bleed section weren't too bad I have to say. The boys enjoyed the game and even got into it even though I don't think they understood what was really going on, but at least they had fun and thats all that matters..

Jake and his binoculars.. they thought they would need them but they could see

The Jazz Bear that came out before the game started

Playing the Timberwolves

This was during half time.. the guys that do the flips and then make a basket, it was Awesome!

Jake had to wear his free neck pillow they handed out..

The score when we left at the end of the 3rd quarter.. didn't want to fight the traffic at the end of the game

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Calgon take me away"....

For all you that are my age or older you would know this saying "Calgon take me away" from a commercial in the early 80's. The woman would have a long day with the kids and then at the end of the day she would be in a tub with bubbles relaxing and calgon took the stress away... Well, I was having one of those moments the last couple of weeks. I normally don't post things about my personal life because I feel this is a family memory blog/journal but it has been so crazy I just had to note it as a memory for my boys. Normally we are busy but the last 2 weeks have been even busier and the last week I swear I was only home to eat dinner and sleep barely...
So, I am going to just do a run down list of the last 2 weeks and below I incorporated a few photos. The week before we had 2 days of scouts, open house for 7th grade and pick up packet and tour of school, then thursday we had a full day with volunteering, and Patrick's 6th grade program with the twins last basketball game the same night. Thankfully Joe got off early and we were able to both be at least at one thing and then we met up to see that last of the twins game. In between all this I also had to pack and take care of a few things before we left. Friday we then left for Enterprise/Vegas trip for the weekend, got home sunday evening and went right to bed. Monday was up to get the kids off to school and it being a short day all week because of teacher conferences, it didn't leave a lot of time to get things done before the boys were home again.. There were doctor's appointments, teacher conferences, Art show review, Patrick entered at the High School, meeting with Jr. High counselor to go over Patrick's schedule for the year coming up, twins scouts, Relief Society Enrichment Birthday dinner which I was in charge of the craft and helping do the decorating (which I had been working on for weeks, but had to finish up before the night of). My calling is I am on the enrichment committee. Homework for 2 of the boys every night if you can believe that on short days. Then more doctor's appointments, hair appointment, and then the Jazz game with the twins. Blake had a birthday party on friday and then lunch with my friend Juliana to finish out the week, which was sooo needed... And, through all of this thought I was just having allergy's but finally figured out it was a major head cold, so night quil here I come to knock it out because of all this going on now my house is a disaster and I get to spend the weekend putting it back together..
Thankful for busy days but these last few weeks have been insanely busy! Just had to share to have my boys one day realize how much we do for them and are always here for what ever they need..

Patrick's 6th grade program..

Twins last basketball game

Patrick's Art work he entered

The craft we did for the night.. a flower that I traced and Joe cut out for 50 ladies and then we put the wheat grass together for everyone to grow.. Spring was our theme..

My wheat grass I grew for the tables

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun day spent with grandparents....

The boys had a fun filled day while we were in Vegas... Thanks to my parents they took them to St. George to see a dinosaur museum and the natural history museum ( I didn't get pics yet on the dinosaur one). After 2 museum's and lunch they then headed to the red rocks above St. George and did a little hiking and climbing. And, then on the way home they stopped and hiked the volcano. Patrick didn't make it to the top because of his shoes and the rock he just kept sliding... but as you can see from the pictures below the twins made it to the top and with much excitement!
Thanks again grandma and grandpa we had a great time..

The hike at the red rocks with grandma

Grandma sat out for the hike up the volcano

We made it to the top.. LOVE the 2nd picture and Blake's reaction..

Inside the volcano and sliding down into it..

Weekend Getaway!

The Reservoir in Enterprise were my parents have retired..

Last weekend we decided to do a quick getaway since this weekend was canceled for seeing Celine. Joe's sister and brother- in- law were going to be in Vegas for the week and wanted to know if we wanted to come down and spend Saturday, there last day with them. So, we thought ya that would be nice since our other plans were canceled. So Friday we left in the morning and got down to my parents in Southern Utah and spent the day with them. The next morning just me and Joe got up early and headed to Vegas to spend the day with his sister. The boys stayed with my parents having a fun filled day with them. We get to Vegas around 9 am and picked up his sister and headed out. We started with breakfast and then out to the Hoover Dam to see the new road/bridge they have built. It is pretty impressive... after visiting that for a little bit we headed back to town and spent the rest of the day seeing different casino's they haven't seen and a little shopping. After a great dinner at Metro we got a yummy cupcake at The Cupcakery... my favorite place in Vegas for cupcakes. And, then off to the airport they went. It was a fun day seeing them and being able to visit. We then headed over to visit one of my brothers and his girlfriend before we headed back to my parents. And this is were I will never do a weekend away again with a time change and especially when I lose an hour... So, by the time we got back to my parents it was 4 in the morning, got up at 10 the sort of next morning. Visited for a little while, ate breakfast and then headed home. All and All it was a fun weekend but full of driving and no sleep!

Cave we couldn't see last time we were in town

Me, the boys and my parents

The boys riding in the back of the truck.. they LOVE this

Doing a little hike up this rock

Vegas here we come......

Picture at breakfast that his sister took and then Hoover Dam..

Joe and Colleen

Joe and Art

The walk to the bridge

View of the bridge below

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