Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Monkey's are Back.. and being off track..

I was changing my page from Valentine's and saw some cute monkey pages and because Patrick loves them so much and every time I see them now I think of him and I think I am falling in love with monkeys now.

The boys have the whole month of February off for track break and it has actually gone by so much faster than I thought it would. I thought I could get so much done and accomplish some stuff at home but instead I think I have been even busier. And, now with one week left I'm not ready to go back but the boys are.. So with that since they have been off I tried to also do some fun things. I have been trying to do things that are either cheap or free and we have done a little of both. The boys were invited to a neighborhood valentine party and they did a cute craft and then decorated there own cookie and then passed out there own valentine's. They had fun and enjoyed all of the candy. Then another neighbor of ours invited us to do the chocolate tour at Mrs. Cavanaugh's and it was neat to see how they do things but the boys were disappointed that the tour didn't take them down were they do everything you just had to look through a glass window, but it was all worth it in the end when we got a free piece of candy and also bought some for later, YUM!

So then our next trip I found out about the Natural History Museum in Salt Lake and my boys enjoy this stuff, so we headed down there for the day. They really enjoyed the museum and all the history. We then headed over to the Beehive house and took there tour, I don't think I had ever been there and it was an interesting tour and again learned a new side of Brigham Young (we learned a lot about him this last summer at some of tours we did about him) that I didn't know and the neat story about that house. While we were there I have never seen the Salt Lake Temple up on top of Joseph Smith Building during the day so we went up to the top floor to check it out and it is even better during the day cause you can really see the sheer size of it, but it is very beautiful at night all lit up. We then went back down to the main lobby and the boys marveled at the big statue of Joseph Smith and how big it is, but it was also a good time to remind them and discuss who he is and what he had done.

Over all so far these little trips have been a lot of fun with them, and I love spending this time I get with them to bond because they are growing up so fast and one day they will be doing this with there own kids.

All the pictures from the trips are below...

Valentine Party with neighborhood friends

Chocolate Factory Tour


The Beehive House

Salt Lake Temple from J.S. Building

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