Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013...

So, this year we thought of doing something different for Memorial Weekend. We decided to go camping with some friends of ours up to Bear Lake. Over all it was a fun 
1 1/2 days we spent there. We got there around noon on saturday, started setting everything up, visited for a little while and then went down the street to check out the little town. We then had pizza at our favorite place there. With 10 of us all together we decided to get there largest pizza they have the Old Ephraim, 28" of goodness... This thing is massive and so funny to see. But it did the job in feeding us all.
After eating our massive pizza we headed to the shop next door and got some treats for later. I of course had to get there famous chocolate covered raspberries. So yummy! We then headed back to our camp site. It was a nice evening around the fire. But the night was long and very cold. After not being able to sleep because the boys kept getting up, the babies around the camp ground crying off and on and then the bitter cold by 4:30 am we couldn't take it any longer... We all got in the car and started it to get warm. We then all fell back to sleep and got a little more rest before starting our next day. Our friends enjoyed a nice evening in their trailer and it made me realize that I no longer can do tent camping... it is time for a trailer..
So after spending the day at Bear Lake and having our tin foil dinner we headed home that evening to be in our own beds and be WARM.. You have to love the adventure though. The boys will remember it always..

Patrick's hand compared to the pizza..

We finished it

Our camp site

Have fun with the 4 wheeler

Enjoying the lake on a cold over cast day..

Back at the camp site we rented these banana bikes they call them and the boys rode them around. They had the best time..

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