Friday, May 31, 2013

Lego Mindstorm...

This year Patrick joined Lego Mindstorm club at school. After weeks of putting there robots together they then went up to Brigham City and had their final competition with 4 other schools last friday. (yes, they actually have a competition for this). 
He was so excited for this day and as we got up there and got settled we then heard the bad news from his teacher. Patrick's partner that had the remote for the robot was not going to be able to make it because of his grades. Well that just made for a very upset kid and then a rush to try and get someone's android phone or tablet to set up to Patrick's robot and work. One of Patrick's teammates mom let us borrow her phone and it worked! We were so excited. Then when the competition started it wouldn't work... Ugh! After about 20 minutes of trying every tablet and having so many different kids help (even from different schools) we finally got a boy that I swear is a genius get it figured out and Patrick was able to compete. He did really well and won the rest of his heats. But because he missed several in the beginning he didn't make it past the 1st level. It was ok. He still was happy to just be able to participate and build a robot and just be in Mindstorm club period. He was so happy to of made it in the club this year since last year he didn't make it in. There is only a limited amount of kids they take, so he was happy to make it this time. 
So happy and proud for you Patrick in what you accomplished even though you didn't place... 

Putting his number flag on..

Practice before he competes


Mindstorm club..

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Dana Day said...

That is so cool Heather. I think Anna would love that. Matthew too. I am glad he got to compete. That sounds crazy that he almost missed it because of the other boy not being able to go! That would have been very sad. :(

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